Records Management Programs

Minimize Risk, Lower Cost and Promote Compliance

Modern records management is no longer just about physical records and paper. Companies must manage those, of course, plus anything else that supports business activities and transactions including electronic documents, information generated from social media and collaboration tools, email and a lot more.Contoural’s records management consultants work with clients to deliver complete and customized records and information management (RIM) programs. We build consensus among key stakeholders and business units to determine which records and other high-value information should be properly retained and which expired records, non-records and other low-value information can be defensibly deleted. Our services include:

We conduct a careful evaluation of the client’s RIM processes, records policy and systems. The environment is evaluated against industry standards and best practices to measure the maturity and risks inherent in the program. From this, we set out a detailed and clear strategic roadmap for building a new or updated records management program with specific goals, benefit metrics and implementation plans.

Our records management consultants identify relevant case law and regulatory requirements to support policies that enable the defensible destruction of information. Formal policies address roles and responsibilities, key RIM concepts, legal hold obligations and many more requirements. We work with the client to institute a records retention schedule (RRS) that define retention classes and required retention periods, including examples to ensure ease of use and compliance by employees. Country-specific exceptions can be identified for RRS globalization.

Our records management consultants can address global records requirements across more than 100 countries. Combining regulatory expertise, knowledge of specific local requirements as well as world-wide consensus building and behavior change management, we can drive compliance and defensibility throughout the world.

We profile major unstructured data repositories (e.g., email, SharePoint, file shares) to gain a good understanding of what electronic records may be present. Retention and classification options consistent with the RRS are developed. Internal audit processes for monitoring compliance with policies are proposed and socialized through cross-functional team workshops, employee education and training.

Why Contoural?

Contoural serves as trusted advisors, providing independent advice based on client’s needs We sell no products, receive no referral fees, do not provide document storage, nor offer document review or other matter-specific “reactive” eDiscovery services. Our services can be tailored either for some part of a specific project or an entire enterprise-wide program. Contoural’s Records Management Consulting services help clients reduce risk, lower cost and promote compliance by ensuring the efficient and systematic control of the creation, receipt, maintenance, use, and disposition of records.

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