Interim Staffing Services

Contoural offers both interim and ongoing onsite records management and Information Governance staffing services at a variety of experience levels

The Challenge of Meeting Immediate Needs

Filling a short-term gap for an interim records management or Information Governance position can be daunting. Finding the right person with up-to-date skills who is available quickly and on a transitional basis is also difficult. Many programs only require a part-time resource on an ongoing basis; Records Management and Information Governance activities need to be performed every month, but for some organizations, the workload does not justify a full-time resource. Furthermore, finding the right level of individual from coordinator all the way through director, training them and maintaining their skills, and connecting them with an internal skills network can be challenging. Finally, while many organizations have need for these services, they do not have the day-to-day time or internal resources to manage these individuals and functions.

Making Records Management and Information Governance Easier

Contoural can make it easier. The leader in independent Information Governance consulting services, Contoural offers experienced on-site Records Management and Information Governance professionals available to meet short-term needs. Our team of full and part-time transitional records managers and Information Governance professionals are fully trained and up-to-date on industry best practices. Additionally, while working onsite with clients, our team members leverage the expertise of the entire industry-leading Contoural team, tapping into the industry’s largest knowledge pool. Furthermore, Contoural provides day-to-day management of the onsite Contoural staff. We help companies run their information governance programs, leaving them free to focus on their core business.

Three Levels of Expertise

We offer three levels of expertise and experience to support your information governance and records management organization.

Records/Information Governance Coordinator

  • Oversees day-to-day operations for records management and information governance programs in their department or functional area
  • Serves as a resource to answer employees questions, including staffing helplines
  • Provides basic training to department/function employees, as necessary
  • Executes record management processes and responds to record requests
  • Assists with preservation and collection of records under legal hold, as necessary
  • Assists with record audits and reporting
  • Helps coordinate and implement annual record clean-up days
  • Coordinates offsite paper storage for department/function

Records/Information Governance Manager

  • Supervises records management staff
  • Manages enterprise-wide day-to-day operations and processes for records management and Information Governance programs
  • Responds to records requests
  • Executes and oversees records management and Information Governance training programs
  • Maintains internal records management and Information Governance websites
  • Supervises audit processes
  • Manages vendor relationships to ensure compliance with all policies
  • Assists the Legal Department with execution of Legal Hold notices, document preservation requests and related discovery functions and data mapping
  • Participates in any other special projects relating to records management (e.g., budget, annual clean-up days)

Information Governance Director

  • Manages diverse records management and Information Governance teams
  • Interfaces with senior legal, compliance and risk executives
  • Directs operations that include records management, electronic record and image management, and archives management
  • Maintains records management processes and procedures
  • Coordinates complex legal hold, records management, audit and other compliance processes

Full-Time and Part-Time Staffing for Interim or Ongoing Basis

These positions are offered at two staffing levels:
Interim Full-Time Full-time staffing to fulfill program needs on an interim basis.

Interim and Ongoing Part-Time For organizations not needing a full-time resource, Contoural offers part-time staffing on both an interim and ongoing basis.


The benefits of using a Contoural consultant are many:

  • Ensures continued records management and Information Governance program continuity, bridging short-term needs
  • Aligns program needs with required experience levels and staffing costs
  • Temporarily increases staffing to meet short-term events (eg. M&A, litigation, audit)
  • Engages with fully trained individuals who come up to speed immediately
  • Transfers management of this individual, leaving your organization the time to focus on its core competency
  • Utilizes individuals with current records management and Information Governance skills
  • Bridges gaps between functional groups


For more information, contact Contoural at or call 650-390-0800.

About Contoural

Contoural is the largest independent provider of strategic information governance consulting services, including records and information management, litigation readiness and control of privacy and sensitive information. Contoural sells no products and serves as a trusted advisor for more than 30% of the Fortune 500, mid-sized organizations and public sector clients. Based in the heart of Silicon Valley in Los Altos, CA and with team members located throughout the U.S., we provide a full suite of innovative and high-value consulting services to help our clients develop, launch and execute comprehensive information governance initiatives. We have a seasoned, diverse consulting team with an average of more than 20 years of experience, and are passionate about our clients’ success.

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