Assessment and Strategic Roadmap

Assessments are developed using in-depth interviews, review of existing documentation, surveys and data collection. Results are summarized using a RIM maturity model framework, combined with in-depth findings, examples and recommendations in each assessment area.

As part of the Assessment process, Contoural collects baseline data to support development of program goals, benefit metrics and implementation plans. Examples include: Record Types Inventory, application inventory, email usage behavior metrics, unstructured data repository profiles, existing policies, current IT roadmaps.

The Strategic Roadmap closes the gap between assessment findings and recommended practices by identifying specific projects to address each key area including people, process and technology for a multi-year implementation program. Goals are framed in terms of benefit objectives and proposed metrics for measuring success.

  • RIM Assessment
  • Litigation Readiness Assessment
  • Baseline Data Collection
  • Strategic Roadmap and Benefit Objectives
  • Resource & Cost Models
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