Email & Unstructured Data Management

Apply Retention Policies to File, email & SharePoint Content

The volume of unstructured information (documents, images, files) and inbound and outbound email messages is so great and growing so quickly that it puts serious strain on organizations to manage it all. Contoural helps clients apply best practices for managing these information assets to control costs, promote compliance and prepare for litigation.

Our services include:

  • Data Placement Strategy Development

Our experts help organization develop strategies for saving the right information in appropriate repositories, ensuring appropriate controls and management.

We help clients gain better understanding of business records kept in email, identify retention and classification options for email in the context of available configuration settings (journaling, mailbox archiving, etc.), and develop a file plan that applies applicable retention periods.

We make sure that information governance programs extend to SharePoint and unstructured data files throughout the organization.

Information stored “in the cloud” is subject to the same legal, retention policy and regulatory requirements as any other information. We develop plans to extend records retention schedules to encompass cloud-resident data and leverage cloud-based archiving and records management programs.

Social media and collaboration tools generate information that is discoverable and should be preserved. We help clients determine how to incorporate social media into their information governance strategy.

We identify and help implement autoclassification tools, and establish controls and transparency over automated processes to ensure that classification results are accurate and defensible.

  • Archive System Policy Settings and Configuration Recommendations

We help clients configure archiving systems to properly reflect established retention policies for file and unstructured data.

  • SharePoint Settings and Configuration Recommendations

We work with clients to configure SharePoint as a replacement for disparate and unmanaged fileshares and to become a central repository for content management and collaboration.

Why Contoural?

Contoural serves as trusted advisors, providing independent advice based on client’s needs. Our Email and Unstructured Data Management services help clients promote compliance, reduce risks, lower costs and increase employee productivity.

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