Sensitive Information Protection

Properly Secure Your Sensitive Information

Improper management of confidential data, especially documents including personally identifiable information (PII) or intellectual property, can lead to embarrassment, sanctions, and considerable expense. Contoural’s expert consultants apply legal, regulatory and privacy expertise with a deep knowledge of technology, behavior change management and extensive understanding of industry best practices to help clients develop a strategic plan for the protection of sensitive information assets.Our services include

  • Data Privacy Assessment

Contoural provides a detailed analysis of the flow of private, sensitive and personally-identifiable information (PII), evaluating the effectiveness of existing controls with respect to applicable internal policies and external regulations.

  • Intellectual Property Information Assessment

We identify user activities and information management processes that are subject to conflict of interest risk and intellectual property leakage.

  • Confidential Data Management Assessment

We examine how confidential information – customer transaction data, legal agreements, employee information and the like – is protected, reviewing both where it is stored and how it is transmitted.

  • Sensitive Information Types Inventory

We construct an inventory of document types that contain sensitive information such as privacy, personally identifiable information as well as corporate confidential information, intellectual property and trade secrets.

  • Data Classification Standard Development

A standard framework is developed for classification of documents and information in terms of levels of sensitivity or security (such as Public, Internal Use Only, Confidential, etc.).

  • Controls and Safeguards Requirement Identification

For each data classification (security level), we identify the required minimum set of controls and safeguards that custodians and systems must apply to ensure adequate data protection.

  • Data Privacy Remediation Strategy

We define an action plan to address gaps noted as a result of privacy assessments. Programs include suitable controls, training and new IP processes to achieve privacy compliance and reduction of risk.

Why Contoural?

Contoural serves as trusted advisors, providing independent advice based on client’s needs We sell no products, receive no referral fees, do not provide document storage, nor offer document review or other matter-specific “reactive” eDiscovery services. Our services can be tailored either for some part of a specific project or an entire enterprise-wide program. Contoural’s Privacy and Sensitive Information Program services help clients to ensure accountability and proper stewardship of sensitive and confidential information.

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January 31, 2018

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