Technology Requirements & Adoption

Select the Right Information Governance Solution

What is the right technology for us? What features do we need, and equally important how do we avoid overbuying? Are there existing technology solutions we own today that could do the job? How do document management, records management, and enterprise content management systems compare? Should solutions reside on-premise, hosted or implemented in the “cloud?” Can compliance with regulations and internal standards be assured? What questions should we ask in the technology RFP? The questions are many, and selecting a technology solution can be a daunting task for many organizations.

Careful preparation and planning are essential when using technology to address information governance challenges. Contoural’s Technology Requirements and Adoption services are aimed at developing solution specifications, selecting, and introducing one or more new technology platforms to meet business needs. Our approach to defining requirements emphasizes close collaboration with stakeholders (e.g., RIM professionals, legal staff, IT managers) who will implement and use the solutions.Our services include:

  • Functional and Technical Requirements Development

Contoural’s expert consultants drive the development of clear specifications by understanding current challenges, existing processes and desired business outcomes.

  • RFP Development

We prepare detailed requirements documents that inform suppliers as to what the solution must do, who will use it, and how it will be used.

  • Technology Evaluation Vendor Management and Scoring

We work with clients to gather information that enables an objective comparison of the features and benefits of competitive solutions. We develop an evaluation scorecard and seek out analyst recommendations and customer references for additional validation. If necessary, we assist with benchmarking different solutions in the client’s environment.

  • Proof-of-Concept Test Design and Management

Our experience shows that technological solutions are often – but not always – best introduced incrementally, first as a proof-of-concept (POC). We help clients develop effective POCs that highlight functionality, usability and performance issues that would be costly to address in production.

  • Pilot Program Management

A solution “pilot,” typically rolled out to a limited user audience, is the last chance before enterprise rollout to fine-tune the solution. We work with stakeholders to ensure that user training, documentation, functional and performance expectations and serviceability requirements are met and that expected costs and benefits are quantified.

  • Enterprise Rollout Plan Development

Contoural specialists work with the client to orchestrate a launch plan that includes communication, training and “marketing” to users so that the solution is embraced and valued across the enterprise. Processes for ongoing monitoring of performance and benefits, vendor management, upgrades and introduction of new functionality are developed.

Why Contoural?

Though our consultants are deeply familiar with the implementation and features of many technology platforms, clients can be assured that we prefer no particular vendor solutions and have only their best interests in mind. Our Technology Requirements and Adoption services help clients look toward the future while achieving the maximum return on today’s technology investments.

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