Legacy Data & Paper Disposition

Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

Holding on to information that is obsolete, expired and not needed for legal, regulatory and business reasons can be costly. Contoural’s Legacy Data and Paper Disposition services enable the defensible deletion of legacy email, electronic documents, backup tapes and paper records, reducing storage costs and lowering the risk and expense of discovery.

Our services include:

  • Defensible Electronic Data Disposition

    - Contoural helps customers determine what needs to be saved. We develop policies that include both the business justification and process for deleting electronic documents, and establish consistent processes that allow for routine deletion of data not under litigation hold.
  • Onsite & Offsite Paper Inventory Disposition Plan Development

    - Contoural’s records management consultants develop a “map” and/or site level inventory for identification of onsite and archived paper records. A centralized process for deletion of paper records that have passed their retention period is created.
  • Legacy Email Classification & Disposition

    - We help clients establish retention policies, file plans and disposition rules based on proper classification of email.
  • Legacy Email and Unstructured Data Autoclassification

    - Emerging technologies can ease the work of identifying legacy information that should be saved and protected. We develop a program for introducing autoclassification tools to ensure that they produce results that are defensible and promote compliance.
  • Email PST File Migration Strategy

    - We review the options for the retention and disposition of legacy email files that are not centrally managed (e.g., on laptops and personal drives), and develop processes and procedures for their migration of into a centralized archive.
  • Back Up Tape Remediation Plan

    - We review and analyze the existing inventory of old backup and archive tapes, and define a process for indexing legacy tapes to determine which must be retained and which can be destroyed or released for re-use, consistent with legal department guidelines.
  • Paper to Electronic Program Development

    - Contoural helps the client develop a standard procedure for imaging, quality review and permissible destruction of paper records.

Why Contoural?

Contoural serves as trusted advisors, providing independent advice based on client’s needs. We sell no products, receive no referral fees, do not provide document storage, nor offer document review or other matter-specific “reactive” eDiscovery services. Our services can be tailored either for some part of a specific project or an entire enterprise-wide program. Contoural’s Legacy Data and Paper Disposition services help clients reduce risk by removing information no longer required by the organization, free up resources and reduce off-site storage costs, and demonstrate compliance with records retention policy.

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