ACC Information Governance Network

The primary purpose of the ACC Information Governance (IG) Committee is to provide in-house counsel with a forum for discussing, collaborating and addressing common IG challenges that impact most corporations. Contoural is currently a sponsor of the committee, regularly providing new content for IG Committee and ACC members.

Contoural Sponsorship

As a sponsor, Contoural provides materials to ACC members such as Quick Hits, Webinars, a Quick Counsel, a Top Ten, Sample Forms, and an InfoPAK on a variety of topics:

  • How the Lowly and Boring Records Retention Schedule Can Have a Big Impact On Your Information Governance Program
  • Who Should Own (and Pay) for Information Governance? Legal or IT?
  • How to Delete Email and Files Quickly (and Defensibly)
  • Creating a Return on Investment (ROI) Model for Information Governance
  • Defining Effective Legal Hold Processes
  • Implementing a Data Classification Standard
  • Sample Information Governance Project Plans

ARMA - Golden Gate

The Golden Gate Chapter of ARMA International, which serves the San Francisco Bay Area, has nearly 130 members representing a diverse group of large and small businesses, government agencies, law firms, pharmaceuticals, finance, utilities, and non profit organizations.

Contoural is a Proud Chapter Sponsor

Contoural is proud to be a sponsor of the ARMA Golden Gate Chapter and continue to provide content for the chapter and its membership. 

Information Governance Essentials Webinar Series

Contoural will be partnering with The MER Conference on a series of 10 webinars discussing the essentials of Information Governance- what it is, what does it entail, and how can it help your organization! Held every First Tuesday of the Month starting March 6th!

Upcoming MER-Contoural Webinars

  • March 6th: An Introduction to Information Governance: What, Why and Who
  • April 3: Building Support and Funding for Your Information Governance Program
  • May 1: Creating an Information Governance Project Plan
  • June 5th: Creating a Modern and Compliant Records Retention Schedule that Drives Information Governance
  • July 10th: Creating Litigation Readiness Policies and Processes
  • August 7th: Creating a Data Placement Strategy for Unstructured Data
  • September 11th: Information Governance Technology Overview
  • October 2nd: Information Governance Employee Behavior Change Management Strategies
  • November 6th: Legacy Data Remediation
  • December 4th: Information Governance Organizational Development

ACC Legal Operations Maturity Model Toolkit

ACC Legal Operations will be offering a Maturity Model Toolkit. Legal department leaders are encouraged to use it as a tool to benchmark maturity in any given area. The Committee has partnered with leading legal service providers to produce the FoundationalToolkit to advance from Early to Intermediate stages in each of 14 law department management functions.

Contoural Sponsorship

Contoural will be sponsoring the Information Governance/Records Management section of the Legal Operations Maturty Model Toolkit and will be providing a number of different resources for members.

Stay tuned for more information!

Contoural partnering with BrightTALK

Contoural will be partnering with BrightTALK for an Information Governance Summit in July 2017. BrightTALK brings thousands of thought leaders together to actively share their insights, their ideas and their most up-to-date knowledge with professionals all over the globe through technologies that BrightTALK has created.

Information Governance Summit

Join us for this summit on July 18-20! 
Check out our BrightTalk Channel! And register!

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