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2 hours including Q&A (1:56 of content, 4 minutes of marketing material at end)


No charge for qualified organizations.

Objective Advice

Contoural is independent and does not sell or receive any referral fees for any products, data discovery, document review or document warehousing services. As the largest independent records management and litigation readiness consulting services provider they are a trusted advisor for more than 20% of the Fortune 500, numerous midsize and smaller organizations, as well as public sector entities.


If you're an in-house legal counsel, compliance officer, records manager or IT professional, you may be grappling with how to retain and delete e-mail, files, other electronically stored information and paper. You may also be wondering how much effort your organization should invest in litigation readiness, and what types of activities have meaningful impact. At this seminar nationally-recognized independent expert Mark Diamond will present and discuss best practices for records and information management, and litigation readiness. This seminar consistently receives high ratings from attendees.


  • Best policies for retaining and deleting email, ESI as well as paper
  • Balancing discovery risks with the proper level of investment for your company
  • Defensible and effective deletion of e-mail, files and paper documents
  • Getting employees to change retention habits from a "pack rat" mentality
  • Building a consensus across legal, IT and other stakeholders
  • Which activities do and don't work and what order should they be addressed
  • Pitfalls and how do you avoid them.

Seminar Speaker

Mark Diamond is one of the industry thought leaders in proactive litigation readiness, compliance, and records information management strategies. Mark is a frequent industry speaker, presenting at numerous Legal and IT industry conferences as well as online venues. Additionally, Mark addresses more than one hundred internal corporate audiences each year. Mark also writes an online column for InsideCounsel Magazine.

Who Should Attend

  • General Counsel
  • Chief Information Officer
  • AGC, In-house Legal Counsel
  • Legal Discovery Team
  • Records Managers
  • Finance and Other Business Units
  • Human Resources
  • Compliance, Audit, Risk Officers
  • Messaging and Storage Administrators

Participation across functions is encouraged.

To inquire about an on-site seminar, please call Contoural at (650)390-0800

Comments from Contoural Seminar Attendees

We found the seminar fabulous!  The content was both educational and eye-opening.  Mark was able to take a relatively dry topic and make it interesting for the full 2 hours.  It was particularly helpful to have an outside person validate what we have been preaching all along.  It did exactly what we wanted – to raise awareness!  CIO, World-wide Media Company.

Mark is a fabulous speaker.  Everyone found him personable and very knowledgeable. Mark was even able to alleviate the concerns of a particular team member who has been resistant to changing our retention policies.  He provided us with some very useful suggestions and we will be following up on them.     General Counsel, Large Retailer

The seminar helped us to reach an overall consensus.  It definitely raised our awareness of this topic and there is now agreement regarding the importance of taking the next step.    General Counsel, High Technology Company

We had a great turnout with approximately 30 people in attendance.  Everyone was very impressed with Mark's presentation and the content resonated well with them.  Even with such a large and diverse audience, Mark was able to respond to all their questions.  We found it most interesting to hear what is happening elsewhere and what others are doing.   Records Manager, Mid-sized Insurance Company

The seminar was able to bring a lot of the key players into a single room and really brought this topic to light.  We were impressed with Mark and found his presentation very informative.  His approach really resonated with us!   Senior Legal Counsel, Healthcare provider

The seminar went very well.  It provided great exposure to a wide variety of people and used highly relevant examples.  It definitely captured the right people's attention.   CIO, Regional Construction Company

After the seminar we now really understand the need to get a defensible policy in place.   It really hit the nail on the head.  Our RIM initiative has reached a higher level of priority with the right people and is now on the roadmap.  Senior Technical Risk Management Officer, Financial Services Firm