Optimized Discovery

Objective: Have consistent, defensible and appropriate legal hold and release processes that reduce spoliation risk, potential sanctions and legal hold costs. Enable early decision on optimal case strategy/assessment based on quick assessment of available information. Reduce legal collection, document review, production and processing costs. Provide consistent guidelines to outside counsel and eDiscovery firms to reduce risk and control costs.

Challenge: Don’t know what we have, we can’t find it, we have no way to impose a legal hold; existing hold processes are adhoc and variable; legal holds are never released; hold processes vary with matter type, outside counsel and jurisdiction; forced to settle because cost to find and review is higher or because documents have been inadvertently deleted; potential risk of spoliation; no tools to help automate holds, search, review or collection; Overlapping and cascading holds affecting multiple custodians, repositories and documents. Inconsistent hold tracking and responses. Duplicate documents impact cost of legal review and processing; no record indexes or mapping to custodians or repositories (no ESI map). Rising expectations regarding the speed, completeness and accuracy of responses to discovery requests

Contoural: Litigation readiness assessment to identify risks and develop action plans. Create Discovery Response Plans for consistent discovery planning, tracking and implementation. Recommended Legal Hold processes, procedures and appropriate tools. Assistance in designing ESI map for commonly requested high-risk repositories. Knowledge transfer to in-house counsel/litigation support team. Strategies and processes for identifying legacy holds and providing appropriate retention and disposition of required information.

Contoural - MER Sapient Webinar: Information Governance, What, Why , and Who? March 06, 2018

Complimentary Webinar: Renegotiating Your Offsite Paper Storage ContractMarch 29, 2018

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