Productivity and Collaboration

Out-of-Control Information Makes Work Difficult

As the volume of electronic information increases, organizations suffer from productivity loss as employees increasingly spend more time every week searching for, managing and retrieving relevant and useful information. Much of employees’ electronic information is “siloed” on the desktops or personal archives, effectively losing that content when the employee either retires or turnover occurs. Employees’ desire to save all the information they want forever works against them as they drown in both useful and useless electronic information. The average employee wastes up to three hours per week on ineffective information management. Multiplied by the total amount of employees who use email, unstructured data and documents across the enterprise, this represents a significant cost.

Maximize Collaboration & Innovation

Contoural creates a metrics-based information governance strategy that helps clients gather, retain, and present information in ways that allow employees to store, search and locate what they need efficiently, while helping clear out the clutter of unwanted, unneeded low-value information. We benchmark current systems against best practices, identify processes - like centralized document storage, naming conventions and document classification standards - and monitor results.

Using this approach, the time and effort required by employees to search for and manage information can be greatly reduced. Employees can share documents without creating multiple copies, improving collaboration and productivity. And aggregating information into a rich source of corporate memory allows it to be mined and analyzed to provide significant business value today and in the future.

Why Contoural?

Contoural’s independent helps our clients organize enterprise information to drive improved performance and innovation in their business operations.
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