Productivity & Collaboration

Objective: Reduce time and effort to search, manage and share information.

Challenge: Multiple locations for storing similar documents. Difficult to search and find information. Time lost to re-doing work or not having the latest version. Network bandwidth limits and access controls motivate users to save local copies of documents and data. Knowledge loss due to employee departures/transfers. Local copies are subject to security loss or disclosure. Tedious and error prone manual work-arounds for lack of integrated collaboration and workflow tools. Email is often the default filing and record keeping system or retained longer than required. Emails (and attachments) are not available to colleagues for collaboration or sharing. Email Jail causes users frustration and lost time to manage mailbox quota limits and recover email from multiple archives.

Contoural: Design email and unstructured data filing recommendations that can increase user productivity by reducing the need for size-based quotas, and place data into centrally managed repositories for better control and access. Define technology roadmaps for improved sharing and collaboration. Lead Change Management and Training efforts to ensure corporate-wide adoption and employee satisfaction.

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