Regulatory Compliance

”Non-Compliance” is Not an Option!

Records, Privacy and eDiscovery Compliance is the requirement that an organization’s policies and processes for retaining, managing, securing and eventually disposing of both documents and data adhere to certain federal, state or foreign legal and regulatory mandates. Achieving compliance can be challenging for many reasons: applicable regulations depend on the industry, sector (e.g., public or private), and locale in which an organization operates as well as the sheer volume of both electronic and paper information organizations create every day. Compliance rules are dynamic, subject to constant changes and updates. While achieving compliance is required, it is important that doing so does not undermine day-to-day operations. Good compliance requires both a breadth of understanding as well as company-specific implementation expertise.

Up-to-Date Policies and Procedures Reduce Risks and Costs

To promote compliance, Contoural’s records management, privacy and litigation readiness compliance specialists work with clients to evaluate requirements and assess the likelihood and magnitude of risks. We examine existing processes and help the client create compliant yet workable policies, schedules, processes and classifications. We establish a roadmap for effective implementation and compliance, covering areas such as change management, user education and training, technological solutions for electronic record management and compliance audits. This metrics-based approach allows records to be identified, managed and controlled throughout the enterprise. Documents are kept only as long as is mandated by regulation or required for business productivity, and then defensibly destroyed, reducing storage and search costs.

Why Contoural?

“Compliance” is not a “one size fits all” program. We’ve worked with clients across multiple industries to develop customized compliance programs that effectively mitigate risk and reduce legal and regulatory exposure.

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