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Manage Your Information as a Strategic Asset

Many organizations lack effective control over their information, which can raise operational costs and heighten legal and compliance risk. Contoural’s Information Governance Consulting Services help clients develop an information governance program that is achievable, practical and tailored to the unique culture, compliance requirements, risk profile of each client. We measure success through real-world, measurable metrics. Such clarity of purpose and execution leads to reduced effort, lowered cost, and manageable risk.

Our services include:

  • Records Management Consulting

    – Our expert consultants conduct an assessment of existing records and information management (RIM) programs, and establish and/or update policies and records retention schedules (RRS) for paper and electronic records. We create an implementation roadmap covering change management, user education and training, automated approaches for electronic record repositories and compliance audits.
  • Legal Hold and Discovery Program

    – We review existing legal hold processes, identify gaps and recommend processes and tools for defensible hold notice management and tracking. We develop a consistent model for early case assessment and response that includes engagement of in-house and outside counsel and litigation support resources.
  • Privacy and Sensitive Information Program

    – We construct an inventory of document types that contain intellectual property, personally identifiable, private and other types of sensitive information and identify the required minimum set of controls and safeguards that custodians and systems must apply to ensure adequate data protection.
  • Technology Requirements and Implementation

    – We work with stakeholders to understand business processes and define functional and technical requirements. Our vendor-independence means that clients can select and deploy new technology solutions that best fit their particular needs.
  • Enterprise Behavior Change Management

    – We contrast current user behavior with desired objectives and identify the necessary training vehicles and resources to make changes effective. Contoural provides on-site delivery and/or train-the-trainer sessions to transfer knowledge and content.
  • Legacy Data and Paper Disposition

    – We analyze collections of email, paper documents, and backup and archive tapes, and define processes for determining what can be destroyed and what must be retained.

Why Contoural?

Contoural serves as trusted advisors, providing independent advice based on client’s needs We sell no products, receive no referral fees, do not provide document storage, nor offer document review or other matter-specific “reactive” eDiscovery services. Our services can be tailored either for some part of a specific project or an entire enterprise-wide program. Contoural’s Information Governance Consulting Services address record management, litigation readiness and data privacy needs, providing real-world, innovative and cross-functional approaches to reduce risk, lower costs and ensure compliance.

Complimentary Webinar: Creating and Managing a Global Records Management Program 

January 31, 2018

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